At PARS Financial, we’ve been helping small business owners out of a tax pickle for more than 30 years. We want to be known as the first tax specialist company that is called to protect your assets when you are fearful of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Unlike most financial service corporations that try to offer many different services, Pars Financial is a specialist in tax emergencies and tax planning. Our clients appreciate that we stand for something and not everything.

About Mashallah Afshar

Iran, the place of my birth, was a progressive and culturally tolerant place during my youth and early professional career. I was drawn to quantitative accounting- a discipline of analysis and accounting that I honed while working in the Iranian petroleum boom of the 1970’s. For most professionals, tax accounting is a job. For me, tax accounting became more than a job – a calling. What other tax professionals hated – the attention to detail and forensic skills to manage complex financial and tax solutions of millions of dollars – I loved!

In 1977, change came to the Iran of my youth. A revolutionary fervor began to impact the government and soon began to impact the quality of life of her people. Iran was different and so was I. At this point in my life, I was quickly finding professional success and promotion. My wife and two young children, at the time, did not want for any possession – yet I anticipated how this new cultural revolution would negatively impact my personal and professional freedom. That’s the point in time when I started dreaming about coming to America. I trusted a nephew to share my aspirations and he said, “Mashalla, you will not survive six months in the United States.” His words only motivated me more.

Months later, hard work and determination, and some good luck would pay off – as I would be granted with a temporary visa to travel to the United States. My family and I landed in Dallas, Texas – excited and determined, but not speaking a word of english. I was determined to make these obstacles, opportunities for a better life. College educated in Iran, with little english, I completed a degree in Accounting followed by receiving admission into an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. My routine at the time, I’d work from 6 AM to 4 PM and then from 5 PM till 10 PM I attended my classes. My work ethic was strengthened during this time period.

During my first three years in America since leaving Iran, I rarely received more than a few hours of sleep a day – but I persevered. This experience made me even more determined and gave me the desire to start my own financial corporation. After completing my MBA studies in 1980 and being granted citizenship, my dreams of starting my own financial corporation took my family and I to our land of opportunity, San Diego, California. Today, Pars Financial Corporation, represents hard working small business owners that want to build their own business and take care of their family, just as I have done.

Today, my wife Gity (B.A. Interior Architect  from SDSU) and I reside in San Diego, California. We are the proud parents of three amazing children:

  • (SON) Pouya Afshar, MBA, Internal Medicine and Assistant Professor at USC, and Geriatric
  • (SON) Payam Afshar, MS, Internal Medicine and G.I. at Kaiser Hospital
  • (DAUGHTER) Kimeya Afshar  B.S. from Calpoly , M.S. Health Administration, HR at PINTEREST Co in San Francisco.

Education and Credentials

  • M.B.A.
  • E.A. (Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Services).
  • CTRS (Certified Tax Resolution Specialist)