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"More than twenty years ago, I became a client of Pars Financial. Not only do I recommend them, but I'm convinced they care more about my work than I do!"

− Adi Pourfard

"Almost twenty years ago and early in my start as a small business owner I received an IRS audit- I needed professional expertise and I was referred to Pars Financial. Not only did they relieve my tax problem, but they continue to be my choice for personal and professional tax planning."

− Saied Shahri

"When I opened my restaurant I was 'green' to tax planning and Pars Financial opened my eyes to running a business. Anyone who is a small business owner and uses Pars Financial is lucky to have them as a partner. I'm forever appreciative to the time and expertise that Mr. Afshar and Pars Financial showed me"

− Mo Shahbani